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Date: December 19, 2016

Families and people on business gather together for Christmas and New Year parties, travelling from places local and abroad.  Depending on their destinations, there is a 50% chance they you could experience traveler’s diarrhea as they come across bad – bacteria contamination in food or water, viruses, or parasites.  Travelers may likely come across strains of disease – causing microorganisms in new destinations which are different back home where their bodies have adjusted and built immunity over time.
In contrast to bad bacteria, a review of 940 studies in a span of 28 years concluded that “good” live bacteria was able to significantly prevent travelers’ diarrhea with no serious adverse reactions.  They bring immediate, effective relief and restore balance to our digestive systems.

We need not wait for episodes of diarrhea to complicate our holidays.  The Protexin line of Probiotics supplements (Bio-Kult, Balance, Vitality, and Restore) contain multi-strains of good live bacteria that interferes with the invasion and adhesion of disease – causing organisms in our guts.  In addition to stopping bacteria infecting cells already exposed, beneficial live bacteria may help to protect the gut from further invasion.

Travellers should take Protexin Probiotic supplements before, during, and after travel.  This allows the establishment of beneficial bacteria within the gut to ensure optimum natural immunity.

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(Protexin Probiotics are Food Supplements with no approved therapeutic claims)

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