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Serenade Your Immune System: Support Your Gut with these 5 Tips from Protexin Probiotics

Date: February 12, 2018

Valentines excitement is in the air (as well as your gut).

Indulge the romance of Valentines Day with your special someone along with these 5 tips brought to you by Protexin Bio-Kult:

  • Have a love affair with nature.  Expose ourselves to good bacteria found in clean and fresh outdoor environments.
  • Don’t romance the wrong bugs (pathogenic/bad bacteria) that thrive on sugary or processed foods.
  • Share the love with Protexin Probiotics supplements which have good multi-strain, live bacteria to support our population of gut bacteria.
  • Your good gut bacteria loves Prebiotics (fiber-rich foods like fruits and vegetables).  These are needed for good bacteria to multiply in our gut.
  • Flirt with dirt.  Fresh produce from the ground can help strengthen and support our gut’s microbiome.

Couples sharing these tips together can look forward to heart and gut satisfying contentment on Valentines day.

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