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Research & Development

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Quality Assurance

Quality control is implemented and maintained by International alliance such as Probiotics International UK and backed by independent UKAS accredited microbiological laboratories which carry out the identification and enumeration of microorganism in all products. Certificates of Analysis are kept for every batch and you are of course welcome to ask for a copy.

If you are not happy with the product you have received or if has arrived in anything less than perfect condition, please return it to us at and we will replace it immediately.

Our products are guaranteed to be of the highest standard. Our manufacturing alliances such as Probiotics International UK is certified by the RPSGB and are well on our way to gaining certification with UKASTA, HFMA and BS ISO 9001:2000. We have fully documented Quality Assurance and Health and Safety policies which form the basis of all our procedures and operations. 

Research & Development

Prebiotech’s worldwide alliances include Probiotics International UK having extensive research and development facilities.  Probiotics is known to be one of the pioneers in probiotic supplement manufacturing. Probiotics has been extensively researching and developing better methods and formulations of producing the best Probiotic products.  One of the finest breakthroughs of Probiotics International is the micro-encapsulation technology. One of the most important aspects to a probiotic is its ability to survive the harsh environment of the stomach acid, and all our strains are tested to the highest standards to ensure maximum effect. Micro-encapsulation has been proven to ensure the life and effectiveness of a probiotic. 

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